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Safari wildlife seeker
Kuyburi , Sok and Ranong safari adventure Can make: You leave your town behind, happy with the wildlife

Tour Khaolak, Khaolak Tour, Day Tour Khaolak, Half Day Khaolak, Excursion Khaolak, All tour in Khaolak, Safari tour in Khaolak, Adventure Tour from Khaolak

2 Large completed reserved national safari parks of Thailand.- Kuiburi  safari, Khao Sok safari national safari park + Ranong-the town between mountains.

In the trip, we visited 3 destinations to touch the safari life’s, reserved old safari trees, a thousand kinds of wild birds, safari wild elephants, safari Wild Red Bulls and other wildlife. Full of Safari Discovery Feeling by 4x4 Jeep Safari.

Wild Bull

At KuiBuri, you are able to meet the wild bull on our trekking route very easily. You can meet them without too much luck.

Wild Elephants

Wild Elephants can be seen for sure at Kuy Buri Safari. Just some time you have to stay on the "Transformer only" Because they are quite ferocious - The signal of safari beware is very high.

A big group of Red Bulls

From far away, by.............You are able to see the big group of wild red bulls. They come to drink water in a small lake in the thick safari.

The First Lady-Prime Minister of Thailand

KuiBuri has been reserved as the best national park in Thailand. Our prime minister checked and saw for herself.

Mineral Stream hidden in Ranong Safari.

We stopped overnight at Ranong province, in the same time, we discovered the mineral stream safari to take a bath at Mineral Hot Spring. A great place for get the breeze from the Nature

Mineral Hot Spring at Ranong is considered to be the best in Thailand.

Take a bath Mineral hot spring in ranong has been proven to be great for your health.

Rafflesia kerri Meijer or the Giant Flower at Sok Safari

This is the giant flower which can be found in Khao Sok Safari only. Or in the other tropical Rain Forest from the south of Malayu Cape. Our trekking route includes seeing the biggest flower as one of our main highlights.

Jungle Trekking on the Thick Safari makes  you feel Reset.

The 5.3 Kilometers Route for Jungle walk at Sok Safari National Park makes you meet so many different safari life. Great thing to do for freshness. (after done)

The Places, We Go

Sok National Park :

The park has a total area of 738.74 square kilometers, which covers parts of the Khlong Yee and Khlong Pra Sang forests as well as portions of the Krai Son and the Khao Pung sub-districts in the district of Ban Ta Khun and the Khlong Sok and Panom sub – districts in the province of Surat Thani.

Sok National Park is considered to be the most completed green tree Forest in Asia. The people go to Sok National Park to see the Virgin Nature of Jungle both Mountain and Tropical Safari. The Sok River is in the middle of Safari and is very beautiful.

KuiBuri for Wilde Life Seeking.

Kui Buri National Park is a national park of Thailand, located in the Tenasserim Hills in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, established in 1999

Some animals that can be found in the park:

Asian elephants, Gaur, Malayan tapir, Wild Pig Leopard, Serow, Gibbons, Macaque, Langur, Sambar deer, Asiatic black bear, Barking deer, Fea's muntjac, Banteng, Lesser Mouse Deer and Bulls.

Ranong Province:

Ranong is a small province of Thailand's Southern and the Ranong Town is in between Mountain and the Sea, which is the largest gateway to Myanmar. The Mineral Hot Spring in Ranong is world class, and considered to be the best for health in Thailand. The people all around Thailand like to come to Ranong for Hot Spring and having holiday in the resort amid the Nature of Mountain.

Brief programs

1st day: (Phuket, Khoa Lak to Khoa Sok)
06:00 AM: The safari transformer picks up from Phuket and Khao Lak. We drive over the mountain and pass TakuaPa road directly to Khoa Sok.
10:30 AM: We stop at the national safari station and set up the safari bags for "jungle walk." Explore the completed safari of Asia, Khao Sok national park.
12:00 PM: We come back to the station. The transformer moves  to check in at the tree top house. We stay at the house on the trees (getting the wildlife hunter situation)
13:00 PM: Lunch will be served.
14:00 PM: We discovered the Sok river by canoeing to see along the way with the wildlife on the river side.
16:00 PM: We come back to the tree top house. Leisure.
18:00 PM: Our crews will set up the dinner and our staff will set up the BBQ around the bonfire. (The feeling of safari dinner of the explorers)

2nd day: (Kuy-Buri - Say hello to the wild bull, wild elephant etc..)
07:00 AM: Breakfast will be served.
08:00 AM: We check out. And the transformer run directly to KuiBuri.
12:00 PM: We arrived the national park of "KuiBuri national safari park.
13:00 PM: Lunch will be served at the restaurant.
14:00 PM: Check in at national park homes amid safari KuiBuri.

Relaxing - getting the smell of virgin nature in thick safari.
15:00 PM: The transformer and safari guide pick up into deep jungle, and the exciting moment which you have been waiting for will occur. Meet, wait and see the wild elephants, wild bulls, wild fox, wild birds and other wildlife. Take a photo. Keep as quiet as possible. Keep your body just in the transformer only, do not go out, this is a real wild dangerous animal.
19:00 PM: We come back from the safari.. Dinner served amid the jungle restaurant of the national park.
Late of night: Good night.

3rd day: (Soft explorer, and high quality mineral hot spring, Ranong)
08:00 AM: Breakfast serviced.
09:00 AM: Check out.
09:00 AM: One more time I discovered the KuiBuri safari by jungle walking into nature - nature is all around the route. Study the 1,000 years trees and meets some wild fox, elephants or red bull.
11:00 AM: We depart from Kuiburi to Ranong - the town surrounded by the hills.
16:00 PM: We arrived at Ranong - checked in at "hot spring resort."

Take a bath at "nature hot spring." The best thing for your health.
18:00 PM: Our tour guide led the team to discover the small town of Ranong by walking.
19:00 PM: Dinner at a local restaurant in Ranong country town.
Late of the evening: Good night.

4th day: (Grass mountain and sightseeing the safari road to Khaolak)
08:00 AM: Breakfast at the restaurant
09:00 AM: Check out
09:30 AM: Visit the grass mountain - no trees, just grass on the high and big mountain.

Depart from Ranong sightseeing the safari road back to Khaolak.
13:00 PM: Arrival Khaolak.

If you love to customize as a personal favorite, just click to send your request.

Price:(Private trip)
28,000 Baht/Person (Minimum 2 people booking)

Book Now!!! Gets FREE of charge transfer in (Phuket airport-your hotel in Khaolak)

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Tour includes:

  • All accommodations in the program
  • All places entrance fee in the programs
  • English tour guide + 1 crew.
  • All time soft drinks (drinking water, Coke and Fanta)
  • All times snack.
  • Safari bag.
  • All meals (in the program)
  • binoculars for bird watching and wild animals in the safari.
  • Full accident insurance

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